Everything at Brooklinen Is on Sale. Here Are Their Best Items.

Our favorite sheets we’ve slept in, towels we've dried off with and more

Pick up our personal favorite sheets, bath towels and more at Brooklinen's 20% off anniversary sale.
Pick up our personal favorite sheets, bath towels and more at Brooklinen's 20% off anniversary sale.

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Brooklinen, the original sheet disruptor, is celebrating five years in business with its biggest sale of the year: 20% off everything. That’s right, everything.

Despite Brooklinen being an early frontrunner in the direct-to-consumer craze and boasting up to 37,816 reviews on certain products, there’s a good chance you haven’t tried them out yet.

Maybe the claim of “luxury bedding, underpriced” seems too good to be true. Maybe you’re unsure if you even need luxury bedding (Aren’t my current sheets good enough?). Maybe it’s the name Brooklinen. We’ll give that one to you.

But I’ve personally slept in their sheets. I’ve dried off (and wiped gunk out of my ears) with their towels. And below, I’ve collected their four best offerings, all of which will upgrade your home, sleep and showers in ways you may have never considered.

Classic Core Sheet Set

Currently, Brooklinen offers three types of sheets: this classic percale, luxe sateen and linen. You might be tempted to go with linen, because it sounds cooler (as in temperature) and it’s new. Or you might want luxe sateen because they’ve bolded it in blue with the words “our best seller.” But having personally slept in these classic, 100% long-staple cotton sheets for an entire year, I can confidently say these have noticeably changed my sleep for the better. They’re crisp, comfortable and feel far more expensive than they are. My girlfriend and I were just talking about them the other day; she was bemoaning the fact that we had to wash them and use our Target-branded sheets for a couple nights. So you know what? I think I’m going to get a second set, too.

Mid-Plush Move-In Bundle

About a year ago, Brooklinen launched their first towels. The current lineup features three different varieties: super-plush, mid-plush and Hammam (Turkish-style towels). As discussed in our extensive towel roundup, the super-plush option is as fast-drying as we’d like. But these mid-plush in graphite are just right. Not only will this option replace your current ratty, mildew-y set (with four bath towels, two hand towels, four washcloths and a bath mat), but the dark colorway will keep you from having to replace them every time you nick your face shaving.

Super-Plush Bath Sheets

Bath sheets? you ask. No, it doesn’t make any sense. Yes, you need some stat. They’re basically extra thick, super-sized towels (about 3.3 feet by 5.4 feet) that Brooklinen describes as offering “spa-like comfort.” But I’ve been to spas, some pretty nice ones in fact, and these are hands down the comfiest towels I’ve ever felt in my life. The spa’s got nothing on these! Are they practical for every single work day? No. But for weekends, bringing to the cabin or Airbnb, or stocking in your vacation home, they are an absolute must.

Pendleton Heritage Blankets

Did you know Brooklinen carries Pendleton blankets? I certainly didn’t until today. But these are full bed-size, made of 82% virgin wool and 18% cotton, and made at Pendleton’s Oregon mill. Most importantly, they’re included in the sale, so grab one of the three colorways before everyone else finds out.

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