These Easy-to-Build A-Frame Kits Will Save Your Summer

Break it to your lakehouse rental gently

March 13, 2018 9:00 am

We’re halfway into March, which means it’s still cold enough that July in New York is still a slightly attractive thought.

But the truth is that come summer, the best place to be is always away. The only remaining question is Where?

Starting at $12K, Avrame makes affordable A-frame kits you can erect on your own land in as little as four months. Same as with all construction projects, you need to get the proper permissions, but A-frames are pretty simple, and the company alleges you can do the work with a solid team of two.

Their first model was the off-grid-capable Duo75, but they’ve now expanded to a total of 11 models, from shed-sized (600 square feet) to big enough to actually house a family (1,300 square feet).

cabin (6 images)

The perks to the simple design of an A-frame (besides the handsome image it cuts) are the low building and operating costs, along with the ease of which they can be extended. Very solar-tech-friendly as well, since it’s virtually all roof.

Why continue to share a rental with who-knows-who when you could be cracking open a cold one on the deck of your very own A-frame? Find thee a parcel of land and a screwdriver, and get to building.

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