The Best Places to Buy Affordable Art Online

Add some art to the walls to elevate a lackluster space in your home

September 21, 2023 9:17 am
Affordable art online
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As a perpetually indecisive person that has moved apartments every year for the past five, I’m constantly met with the same realization: damn I need some art for these walls. In every space I’ve lived in, art has been the final piece of the how-do-I-make-this-rental-really feel-like-home puzzle. Not only does artwork spruce up otherwise bare walls, but it brings a sense of personality to any space. The art we choose to hang is often a reflection of who we are in some capacity. Whether it’s a funky photograph that pays homage to one of your life’s passions or a neutral, abstract painting that speaks to your minimalist tendencies, art tells a story. And it instantly makes any space feel complete. 

Shopping for art (or just shopping in general) would be much easier with an unlimited budget. Lucky for all of us aspiring aesthetes shopping on a dime, the internet has a treasure trove of affordable artwork. Countless websites stock one-of-a-kind pieces from up-and-coming artists and others who focus on bringing affordable replicas of well-known pieces to the masses. The best news of all? You can compare, contrast and do some “window-shopping” all from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to so many exciting new brands, you can buy unique art from real painters, photographers and all kinds of artists for affordable prices. So take your time, get comfortable and peruse five of the best places to buy affordable art online. 



Mediums: Paintings, drawings, photography, prints and more

Why You’ll Love It:  As the global online marketplace for unique, artisanal goods, Etsy truly has something for everyone. Shopping on Etsy can be a bit overwhelming with millions of sellers from all over the world. If you’re willing to take the time you’ll come across plenty of gems. There’s a wonderful selection of vintage photographs and posters, budget-friendly prints and handmade pieces from artists you’d likely never come across in person. 

To make navigating Etsy easier, take advantage of the site’s search bar. Etsy hits a variety of price points but the charm of the site comes from its unique offerings in a variety of mediums. If you’re willing to do a bit of leg work by scrolling through multiple pages, you’re sure to find something that suits your specific needs.

Society6 art prints


Mediums: Prints, printed canvas, tapestries, wood art and more

Why You’ll Love It: Society6 is a platform that helps promote the work of independent artists. With so many artists on the platform, Society6 is home to a wide variety of prints and posters, including landscape, minimalist, pop art and mixed media pieces. I always find that it has a great balance of trendy prints as well as simple timeless styles. 

Society6 is also one of the most affordable sites on this list. Small pieces start as low as $15, making it an amazing choice if you’re working with a tighter budget. I bought some of my first pieces of art on Society6 and still check out the selection to this day.

Idyll Collective prints
Idyll Collective

Idyll Collective

Mediums: Photography

Why You’ll Love It: For the photography buff on a budget, Idyll Collective is a dream. Its goal is to make art collecting a more approachable experience. They do so by working with emerging and established photographers to curate their selection. The pieces you’ll find are not cheap, but with options starting around $150, Idyll offers an affordable entry into the world of art collecting. 

I love that Idyll lets you search by orientation, this makes it so much easier to find pieces that you love and that will truly fit in your space. Once you choose your piece, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your size, mount and frame. If you really don’t know where to start, take the brand’s quiz to help you find your perfect piece. 

House of spoils art prints
House of spoils

House of Spoils

Mediums: Photography 

Why You’ll Love It: Ready-to-hang fine art photography at an affordable price point? Say no more. House of Spoils works directly with photographers to share their unique pieces with the world. The brand has a team of curators that hand-select each photographer and the pieces that make it to the site. The curation is truly spot on, with gorgeous photographs in a wide variety of categories like water, travel, urban, nature, fashion and more. If you’re overwhelmed, I don’t blame you, shop by category or orientation to help narrow things down. 

The pricing at House of Spoils is straightforward. All prints range in size from small to exhibition, with small prints starting at $165. Framing is always free, which is a great touch and ends up saving you quite a bit of money, too. 

Tappan Collective art
Tappan Collective art

Tappan Collective

Mediums: Photography, prints, painting, drawing, fabric paints, paper works, textiles

Why You’ll Love It: Tappan is the closest you can get to a gallery online. The brand curates an amazing collection of contemporary pieces from emerging artists. Many of the pieces are limited-edition or completely one-of-a-kind, and they’re usually exclusive to Tappan, so you won’t find them anywhere else. The site brings in guest curators and tastemakers who share inspiration and pieces to help guide shoppers through their artistic journeys. There is also an art style quiz which is particularly helpful for those of us who feel like we just like everything. 

Many of the pieces at Tappan are quite expensive, but hidden in the depths of the site is the under $300 collection and it deserves your attention. From beautiful still-life photography to delicate oil paintings, this is a wonderful place to make one of your first big art purchases.

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