Deal: Get American-Made Wool Blankets on Sale at Faribault

Stock up for the colder months ahead

Three Bonfire Wool Throw Blankets from Faribault Woolen Mill, one with gold whip stitching, one with charcoal and one with red
The Bonfire Wool Throw Blankets from Faribault are differentiated by the whip stitching.
Faribault Woolen Mill

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If you’re in the market for a few extra blankets as we head into the colder months of the year, you could pick up some discount throws that were made in some far-flung factory, or you could pick up some American-made wool blankets from Faribault Woolen Mill Co., one of the last vertically integrated woolen mills in the country — they’re on sale, too.

Specifically, Faribault is offering 20% off their entire lineup of Bonfire Wool Throw Blankets. They’re all made of virgin wool, measure in at 45” by 66” and are for the most part done up in a goes-with-anything charcoal color. What differentiates the 10 options is the whip stitching along the edge, which runs the gamut from a matching charcoal to flashier hues like gold, emerald green and royal blue in case you want to pair your blanket with a specific aesthetic.

Whether you really do need something for sitting next to a bonfire now that temps are dropping, want something you can throw in the trunk on weekend trips or just need something simple you can toss over a couch in any room in your house, these throw blankets will serve you well, just as they have been since Faribault started making blankets in Minnesota all the way back in 1872.

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