Deal: This Top-Notch Ergonomic Office Chair Is $176 Off

It's a heck of a deal, assuming you don't mind a red chair

Deal: This Top-Notch Ergonomic Office Chair Is $176 Off

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Whether you’ve noticed it or not, months of working from home have probably taken their toll on your posture. Ferrying the laptop from bed to an armchair to the couch only encourages slumping. This rounds the shoulders, brings the head and neck forward, compresses the spine, and leads to back pain. As if 2020 could get any worse.

If you haven’t set up a home office yet, or in case you’ve been riding all this time with a desk chair from 2004, it’s definitely worth picking up an ergonomic chair, which will encourage a straight posterior chain —head over heart, feet planted on the floor — and efficient, “alligator arms” typing. Assuming you’re fine with the color red, right now is a great time to get a top-notch chair for a whole lot less. The Halverson Ergonomic Task Chair (available in Black/Red) is currently only $77 at Wayfair.

The chair offers lumbar support, has a tilt-lock and boasts a steel pedestal base under a foam-padded seat. Eight hours in front of the computer isn’t really a good idea, but it’s a fact of life, and you’ll be better served handling them atop this thing.

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