Vehicles | July 11, 2021 4:53 pm

Ford Has Encouraging News On the Chip Shortage

A chip supply for the F-Series has been found

Ford F-150
Ford has good news regarding its F-series.

It’s been a strange year for automakers all over the world for a host of factors, many of them related to the pandemic. The global chip shortage has left many of them facing a paradoxical situation — with the production of new vehicles delayed, it’s prompted spikes in sales in the short term, while leaving the near future in a more uncertain state.

This week brings with it encouraging news from one automaker, however, Autoblog’s Byron Hurd reports that Ford announced this week that it has secured a chip supply for their F-Series vehicles.

Hurd notes that the chip shortage has had a particular effect on the production of the popular line of trucks, including “a large stockpile of nearly complete pickups awaiting electronic components that have been delayed by the ongoing shortage.”

According to a report from the Detroit Free Press, the automaker plans to ship “thousands” of vehicles which had been waiting in parking lots across the country.

Ford spokesperson Kelli Felker told Autoblog that the automaker estimates that the recovery period for the chip shortage “will stretch into the fourth quarter of this year and possibly into 2022.” All of which suggests that the chip shortage is an industry issue that’s not going to go away quickly.