Sports | March 20, 2020 12:07 pm

MLB May Make Up Lost 2020 Games With Doubleheaders

Teams may have to play a couple a week for MLB to complete its schedule

MLB May Make Up Lost 2020 Games With Doubleheaders
A detailed view of the MLB logo. (Mark Brown/Getty)
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In order to fit in as much baseball as possible in 2020, MLB may consider having teams play multiple doubleheaders per week once the postponed baseball season gets underway. Though Opening Day has been pushed back from March 26 to mid-May at the earliest, MLB and the MLBPA are committed to playing as many games as possible.

Implementing multiple doubleheaders per week would have some direct on-field ramifications as managers would have to micro-manage their bullpens to an even greater extent in order to avoid burning out their pitching staffs. Though it would require more work on his part, Colorado Rockies manager Bud Black said he would be fine with playing more doubleheaders, according to The Associated Press. 

“In theory, yeah, I think all of us would be up for some sort of doubleheader situation,” Black said during a conference call Thursday. “The thing that’s going to be in front of all of us is it’s going to be the same for everybody. It’s got to make sense for the clubs and the players.”

Though Black is okay with playing more doubleheaders, Yankees skipper Aaron Boone might not be.

Two seasons ago when a proposed ESPN scheduling change required the Yankees to play three games in 24 hours, Boone was strongly against it and declared there would be an “all-out war” with the network. Ultimately, ESPN caved in to the pressure and changed the schedule.

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