Sports | March 27, 2018 9:36 am

Goals for All 30 MLB Teams for the 2018 Season

From winning the World Series to hoping devil magic turns a random 28-year-old into MVP candidate.

MLB opening day banner
A general view of the "Opening Day" logo on a scoreboard.
Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty

For teams with high payrolls and even higher expectations like the Dodgers, Red Sox, Nationals and Cubs, the upcoming MLB season will only be viewed a success if they are playing deep into October.

That’s not the case with a number of other MLB teams, as clubs like the Tigers and Marlins – both incredible longshots to even sniff playoff contention – should consider the 2018 season a success if they “have at least one player a young fan can love.”

At least that’s according to ESPN’s Sam Miller, who created tiers of goals ranging from getting to the World Series to simply getting someone to care and slotted all 30 MLB teams into ‘em.

In Miller’s opinion, 2018 can only be considered a victory for the Los Angeles Dodgers if the club wins it all, whereas the Los Angeles Angels can treat 2018 as a positive if they reach the ALDS or accomplish two of the following: Win 85 or more games, play meaningful games in the final week of the season or get at least one star performance from somebody 24 or younger.

From breaking the all-time team home run record (Yankees) to devil magic turning a random 28-year-old into an MVP candidate (Cardinals), there are a number of others goals for each club.

Find out what you should be expecting from your team before Opening Day on Thursday.