Sex & Dating | February 7, 2023 1:44 pm

Leo’s Rumored New Girlfriend Wasn’t Even Born When “Titanic” Came Out

Is he keeping his younger-than-25 streak strong?

leonardo dicaprio at the Don't Look Up world premiere in new york city
Leo is under fire for the nearly three-decade age gap.
Getty Images for Netflix

In his illustrious 48 years on Earth, Leonardo DiCaprio has managed to convince the world of three things: he’s among the most beloved actors of his generation, he’s a hero for polar bears and the climate at large and he might be a cradle-robbing zaddy uninterested in dating anyone his own age.

When it comes to love, eyebrow-raising age gaps have certainly never stood in the iconic actor’s way. But upon a recent sighting with 19-year-old Eden Polani (yes, she is a model, and no, she was not born when Titanic came out), Twitter feels this particular connection might be the iceberg that finally sinks him. So far, the response to DiCaprio’s rumored new relationship has been heated. Twitter users pointed out that Polani’s high school education was not only disrupted by COVID-19, but that, when classes weren’t derailed by a pandemic, she might have been studying DiCaprio’s film version of Romeo and Juliet in English class. 

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Comedian Katherine Ryan, herself 39, was among those who made their distaste apparent, calling the potential relationship part of a “creepy pattern” of the almost-50-year-old man dating way (some would say way, way) outside his age bracket. The rumor that Leo is dating someone a fraction of his age is not exactly new; hardly any of his past lovers have clocked in at older than 25. Two from the last year include model Camila Morrone, who reportedly got dumped just after her 25th birthday in June 2022, and Victoria Lamas, 23, who was linked to DiCaprio as recently as late December.

Leo’s not alone in Hollywood, where age differences rarely deter anyone from very public displays of affection. Other notable gaps include George and Amal Clooney, who have 17 years between them; Elton John and his husband David Furnish, who have 15; and Nicolas Cage, with a whopping 31-year difference between himself and Riko Shibata, his fifth wife. 

Not all age gaps are created equal. Some — especially those between a powerful man and someone considerably younger — raise alarm bells, while others can be empowering or lend depth to a romantic connection. But a general rule? When you have to break out the calculator app to figure out an age gap that spans nearly three decades, as it does for DiCaprio and Polani, you’re playing with fire.