News & Opinion | March 22, 2019 5:00 am

What Music To Play If You Want The Funkiest Cheese

Scientists played music while cheese aged, and the results are delicious.

Last fall, Swiss cheesemaker Beat Wampfler and a team of researchers from the Bern University of Arts decided to take nine 22-pound wheels of cheese and put them in individual crates in Wampfler’s cheese cellar. From there, they proceeded to expose each cheese to an endless, 24-hour loop of one song, reports Smithsonian Magazine. 

There was the “classical” cheese, which lisztened to Mozart’s The Magic Flute. The “rock” cheese was exposed to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. Meanwhile, another cheese was listening to A Tribe Called Quest’s Jazz (We’ve Got), and one more was listening to Vril’s techno beat, UV.

The cheese was then examined by the ZHAW Food Perception Research Group. They report that the cheese exposed to music had a milder flavor compared to the non-musical cheese. It was also discovered that hip-hop cheese had a stronger aroma and stronger flavor than other samples. This is possibly something to keep in mind next time you have a wine and cheese party.