News & Opinion | June 13, 2021 6:00 am

In 2024, This Aircraft Might Be the Best Way to Get to the Beach in LA

Exciting news for the ecologically-minded.

Archer eVTOL
Archer's new eVOTL.

Getting from Los Angeles to visit the beach in Santa Monica isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if it’s during rush hour. But what if there was a way to get over the traffic — by literally flying over it? That’s the intention behind Archer’s eVTOL, the Maker. It’s currently being tested out as a 2-seat vehicle, but there’s a 5-seat version in the works — and should that come to fruition, it might be the proverbial game-changer.

A new article by Michael Verdon at Robb Report details the company’s plans for the Maker. Currently, there’s a 2-seater in development, with a 5-seat version in the works, with a plan in place for it to be conveying people around both Miami and Los Angeles in 2024.

Verdon’s article has more details on how the Maker will get from point A to point B. “Electric motors will drive its 12 rotors, including six large, five-bladed propellers and six smaller two-blade rotors,” Verdon writes.

Archer’s co-founder Adam Goldstein anticipates the cost for a ride to be comparable to that of an Uber Black — which is to say, $3 to $4 per mile. Robb Report’s recent article on the vehicle also notes its relatively quiet engine noise. Could this be the flying taxi we’ve been waiting for? The people who developed it are certainly hoping that it is. And this may well be the proverbial game-changer when it comes to airborne electric vehicles.