Gadgets | March 5, 2020 11:29 am

Some of the Most Iconic Apple Tech Is Up for Auction

Many items in the collection were signed by Steve Jobs

An original 1983 Apple Macintosh 128K Computer with 'In Appreciation: Jerry Manock' plaque is up for sale
RR Auctions

If Steve Jobs put his name on something, it was bound to be memorable. So you may want to put up some money for some Steve Jobs-signed Apple tech and memorabilia at RR Auctions, available for bids now.

The 26-item block covers the lifetime collection of Apple Product Design Engineer, Jerrold C. Manock, employee #246 at the company and the man best known for designing the Apple II. “Today, Manock is regarded as the ‘father’ of the Apple Industrial Design Language,” as the RR Auctions catalog notes.

Steve Jobs letter
A signed Apple II contract from Steve Jobs
RR Auctions

Highlights from the auction — which does feature a few items not in Manock’s collection —  include a Steve Jobs-signed contract for the Apple II, a memo signed by Jobs, patent plaques for the Apple III and Macintosh, a working Apple-1 computer (estimated $300K winning bid), a PowerBook signed by Jobs and some rare promotional material, including some Apple-logo beach towels that are kind of ’80s fabulous (and just an estimated $800 for a set of four!).

The Steve Jobs & Apple auction runs through March 12.

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