Joe Biden Scented Candles are a Thing and People Love Them

Be quick about picking one up, though, they're always running out.

Joe biden
Joe Biden has a very popular scented candle. (Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The best-selling item at the Delaware History Museum is its Joe Biden scented candle.

Don’t be alarmed, the candles don’t smell like your favorite uncle and ice cream. They likely don’t actually smell like Biden, either, unless he walks around, constantly chugging his favorite orange-flavored sports drink., Delaware Online reports.

The $22 candles’ popularity nearly two years after the former Vice President’s last day in the White House is summed up by the Wilmington museum’s staff as, simply, “Joementum.”

“Customers think it’s hilarious and then everyone’s like, ‘What does Joe smell like?’ and they have to open it and smell it,” the museum’s advancement officer, Karen Kegelman, said.

The candles have been sold at the museum for about a year, ever since the staff spotted them and the quirky sales pitch on Etsy.

“The Joe Biden scented candle is more than just a candle that vaguely resembles Joe Biden,” the candle’s description reads. “You’ll feel your hope and optimism being restored as you lift the lid and inhale the aroma of Biden’s favorite orange-flavored sports drink. (We won’t mention the brand name, but see if you can guess! Here’s a hint: It’s not Powerade.)”

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