How to Get an Invitation to Stephen Hawking’s Cocktail Party for Time Travelers

You may have to hold on to the invitation for quite some time.

A past version of Stephen Hawking is still hoping to meet someone from the future. (Karwai Tang/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Late astrophysicist Stephen Hawking threw a cocktail party in 2009 — but the invitations weren’t sent out until 2013.

The scientist was conducting an experiment to see if any time travelers from the future would show up and surprise him. No one did, unfortunately, but this cheeky piece of his life can now be yours.

The invitations Hawking had printed will be included as part of an auction of items from his estate, Atlas Obscura reported. Other noteworthy Hawking memorabilia up for grabs are printed copies of some of his most important papers, his medals and awards, a copy of his book A Brief History of Time — signed with a fingerprint, the typescript of his thesis, and a bomber jacket.

Whoever walks away the lucky owner of the invitations will have to hold on to them, or at least pass them down for many generations to come, as per Hawking’s wish.

“I’m hoping copies of (the invitation), in one form or another, will survive for many thousands of years,” he once said. “There’s always the possibility that some future time traveler will see it and decide to show up to the party, creating a whole new timeline in one of the many possible universes out there.”

Proceeds from the Christie’s auction will benefit both the Motor Neuron Disease Association and The Stephen Hawking Foundation.

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