Former Netflix Creative Director Scores $1.6 Million for Canned Water Brand

It's water in a can. That's it. That's the tweet.

Liquid death
It's water. In a can.

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Boxed water may have been better, but now it’s over. The future of hydration is canned.

Liquid Death is water rebranded for the straight-edge punk scene. Former Netflix creative director Mike Cessario has secured $1.6 million in funding for the startup, Business Insider reported.

The product, reportedly named for water’s unmatched ability to “murder thirst,” is literally just good old fashioned water outfitted in a tallboy can, but that didn’t stop some of tech’s biggest names from pouring money into the brand. The new venture counts Dollar Shave Club founder and CEO Michael Dubin, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and Away co-founder Jen Rubio among its financial backers.

According to Cessario, Liquid Death fills a gaping demand for water that appeals to the punk scene, rather than the “Whole Foods yoga moms,” to whom the current market apparently caters.

“At first we knew the easiest crowd for us is anyone into heavy metal, punk rock, and that kind of world because they immediately get the joke and get the humor and have never seen anything like it,” Cessario told Business Insider.

The brand also seeks to appeal to an eco-conscious crowd, which is allegedly well represented within the punk community. That’s according to Cessario, who claimed “there are more vegans at a heavy metal show than a Taylor Swift show.” In an effort to keep up with punk’s high standards of environmental service, Liquid Death will reportedly donate $0.05 from every can sold to aid environmental efforts.

“If you think about it, it makes sense, everything metal and punk is extreme,” said Cessario. “Being vegan is extreme, protesting the deforestation is extreme. We are by far the most sustainable option for packaged water, which is a big driver for why people want to buy from us.”

Currently, Liquid Death is only available online, but Cessario maintains that his product water has a broad appeal. “What makes this appealing for such a large group is that it feels like a niche thing,” he explained.

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