Dadventures – Utah Fishing Trip


By The Editors
June 6, 2017 9:00 am

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Fly Fishing at Sundance

“My dad always takes me fishing. So recently, I flipped the script and invited him to come with me, to Sundance, Utah, where we fished nine miles of the Strawberry Reservoir on foot. The fish there are very skittish, so rewards go to the soft-footed. My dad caught the monster rainbow of the day at night, as bats swooped down on us from overhead.”


Your Marching Orders …

Sundance — Robert Redford’s passion project — is more than just a film festival. There’s also the Sundance Mountain Resort, where Redford’s goal “has always been to develop very little and preserve a great deal.” The resort is eco-friendly, and its condos and mountain homes, made of local stone, cedar, fir and pine, blend seamlessly into the treeline. By day, you’re fishing. If you’re a novice, the Provo River is perfect. If you’re a vet, ask to spend one day on the Strawberry, a four-mile stretch of tailwater below the Strawberry Reservoir. And even if you catch nothing, you’re walking along one of the most gorgeous streams in the States. Book one night at The Tree Room for fine dining. Do the rest of your meals at the Foundry Grill for casual BLD service (the pizza and ribs are king). The Owl Bar has music on the weekends.

Your Timekeeper …

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