Dadventures – Los Angeles Surf Adventure


By The Editors
June 5, 2017 9:00 am

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The California Surf Adventure

“My sons are 11 and 14. Recently, I took them to Southern California for their first big surf pilgrimage (well, body-boarding, for the younger). We went to T-Street, County Line, Huntington Beach Pier. And, of course, mecca itself: Trestles. The day we went, the first person I saw pointed to a lady and said, ‘She just saw a shark in the lineup.’ I didn’t think it would be right to take my kid out to meet the men in grey suits (read: great whites), so we just watched. But we’ll be back.”


Your Marching Orders …

On this Californian take on the lodge-to-lodge trek, you’ll make your way north on Highway 1, stopping at not one, not two, but four contemporary surf lodges along the way. First stop: The Laguna Beach House, a recently renovated 36-room guesthouse within walking distance of some solid breaks. Next up: Santa Barbara’s The Goodland, where every room comes with a vinyl player and guests roast marshmallows over the fire by night. You’ll then head a few miles west to Bacara, a Gaviota Coast spa and resort with a quiet surf beach, tennis and two golf courses. Last stop: Cambria Beach Lodge, a sunny, stone-and-wood hotel on a quiet stretch of the Central Coast where you’ll find a sandy bottom break ideal for longboarding.

Your Timekeeper …

Aquaracer By TAG Heuer

Part of heading underwater is leaving technology behind to face the elements. Fortunately, the Aquaracer is no mere ticker: the 300m dive rating guarantees it’ll withstand those tireless days on the waves.


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