American Man Reportedly Killed by Native Tribe in India

It's unclear if the American was on a Christian mission or if he was an adventure traveler.

American killed
An American man is presumed dead after trying to make contact with the remote Sentinelese tribespeople.
Getty Images/EyeEm

An American man has been reportedly killed by the Sentinelese tribes people on North Sentinel Island in India, according to local police.

The unidentified man — who may have been a Christian missionary or an adventure traveler — had not yet been recovered by police as of Wednesday night, NPR reported.

Several local fisherman, however, have been arrested for allegedly facilitating the American’s trip to the restricted area. Local authorities were alerted to a missing man who set off in a dinghy he allegedly paid the fishermen for five days ago.

An Indian newspaper, Andaman Sheekha, reported that the American was “eager to make contact with Sentinelese tribesmen and had visited the archipelago five times in the past.”

The tribesmen are described by NPR as being hunter-gatherers who live on a remote, forested island hundreds of miles off the coast of mainland India in the middle of the Indian Ocean. They have no contact with the outside world and have been known to shoot arrows at outsiders who wander too closely to their shores.

The Sentinelese are protected by the Indian government to such extents that even uploading video of them is illegal.

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