12 Gifts Only DC Residents Will Love

Including Yayoi Kusama sneakers, Wizards tickets and a seaplane ride out of town

December 6, 2022 7:00 am
Here are all the best gifts for the DC obsessed in your life
Here are all the best gifts for the DC obsessed in your life
Filson; Domestique; She Loves Me; Hirshhorn Museum Gift Shop

Like it or not, the holidays are here. Like it or not, you’re going to have to buy some gifts. You might as well make them gifts you’d want to receive from (mostly) local producers.

Whether you’re willing to dish out hundreds of dollars on artist-inspired sneakers or a few bucks from some quality ale, there’s a gift suggestion here that should satisfy at least one person on your list.

Alamo Season Pass

Enjoy D.C.’s newest movie theater as often as you’d like (well, up to once a day), with the Alamo Season Pass. Think of it as MoviePass for people that love movies and stability.

Atlas Brew Works Brewers Private Stock

When Atlas launched, they were one of a couple D.C. breweries. Things have changed, for the better, over the last decade, and you can find over a dozen D.C. area breweries in grocery and liquor stores throughout the city. But you won’t find limited-run, 750ml bottles in every neighborhood.

D.C. to NYC Flight from Tailwind Air

Have you ever taken a seaplane from D.C. to NYC? Probably not. This service just began in October.

Domestique Curated Case

Remember when we weren’t allowed to go into liquor stores because of a deadly pandemic? Well, due to this very bad state of affairs, some places decided to pivot. One such store is Domestique. They began delivering wine and haven’t stopped. And just because we are now able to go into liquor stores, it still makes more sense to have the knowledgeable staff of Domestique curate and deliver the best natural wine available at the best price point in D.C.

Down Cruiser Vest from Filson

You don’t really need a heavy-duty winter coat in D.C. You would benefit from a well-made vest from a company with 100+ years of experience making winter clothing. You can obviously buy whatever you want from the Filson online shop, but a visit to their Logan Circle store is a fine way to spend an afternoon.

Flowers from She Loves Me

Make gorgeous, high-end, not-1-800-flowers flowers part of your holidays.

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Lost Sock Roaster’s Roaster’s Choice Subscription

One of D.C.’s newest roasters is one of D.C.’s finest roasters. I’m including this because I’d like for someone I know to read this and get me this for the holidays. Every coffee gift is appreciated because every coffee gift is used and enjoyed.

Records from Record Exchange Silver Spring

The biggest and most varied vinyl options in and around D.C. is just outside of D.C. The Record Exchange is larger than every D.C. record store, updates their site with stock info on an almost daily basis and sells more than just vinyl. If you’re a music lover and are purchasing for another music lover, this is your ideal brick-and-mortar option.

Tiger Oak Server from 1830DC

By the time you read this, the Tiger Oak Server from the highly curated vintage furniture shop only open one weekend a month in D.C. will most likely be sold. Most items 1830DC offers do not last an entire weekend. This inclusion is more of a heads up that you should be following 1830DC on Instagram and DM as soon as you see something you like. I always see something I like at this store, and my success rate on purchasing those items is about 10%.

Tinned Fish Treat Gift Box from Odd Provisions

The Columbia Heights market specializes in high-end foodie gifts, and what screams “gift” more than tinned fish? You’ll most likely never spend $100 on canned fish, but this will most likely be the most memorable canned fish you’ll ever eat.

Washington Wizards against the Phoenix Suns, December 28

An NBA game between Christmas and New Year’s is already a good gift idea — but what puts this over the top is it’s the Wizards’ “Marvel Theme Night,” so the team is giving away a Bradley Beal comic book. Go for the game, stay for the Bradley Beal comic book?

Yayoi Kusama Red Sneakers from Hirshhorn Museum Gift Shop

There’s no entry fee to one of D.C.’s most popular temporary Smithsonian exhibitions. The shoes are $360.

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