The Best Places to Eat Pizza in Alexandria

The Virginia city has become an underrated hub for American pizza

July 9, 2024 6:19 am
two hands reaching for slices of detroit-style pepperoni pizza
No matter your favorite pizza style, Alexandria probably has it.
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If there’s a great equalizer in the form of food, it is undoubtedly the humble and mighty pizza. Whether dressed up and topped with the most exotic ingredients or dressed down and served in its simplest cheesy form, this savory pie can bring families, friends and, yes, even enemies together. While pizza may have originated in Naples, Italy, it has come a long way during the last several centuries and has found itself in towns and cities across nations. But some of our favorite (and most underrated) pizza can be found in Alexandria, Virginia. To help you on your journey, we’ve rounded up the best local pies you can find in the city. 

Stracci Pizza

Stracci Pizza, owned and run by husband and wife team Tom and Annalisa Cardarelli, is an ode to Italy’s capital city with its Roman-style pies. Initially conceived as a food truck, Stracci (named after the stracciatella cheese Chef Cardarelli makes by soaking freshly pulled mozzarella in cream) now encompasses a pizza garden and dining room, with pizzas that feature fresh cheese and a rotating list of seasonal ingredients.

106 Hume Ave

Mia's Sicilian-style pizzas are cooked in an 800-degree brick oven and feature toppings like confit garlic and calabrese peppers
Mia’s Sicilian-style pizzas feature toppings like confit garlic and Calabrese peppers.
Mike Mielcarz Photography

Mia’s Italian Kitchen

This family-centric restaurant draws inspiration from traditional Italian recipes that come directly from owner Dave Nicholas’s Sicilian grandmother. Sicilian-style pizzas (made in the shape of a rectangle) are not to be missed — they’re cooked in an 800-degree brick oven and feature toppings like roasted mushrooms, confit garlic, black truffle-buttermilk crema, ‘nduja, Calabrese peppers, basil and Calabrese honey.

100 King St

Handover by the Slice 

One of the best options for pizza by the slice in the DMV is undoubtedly at Handover by the Slice. Their New York-style pies are best enjoyed alongside a cold brew, which Handover offers as well. 

728 King St

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There’s no shortage of excellent spots throughout the city
Lena's pizza dough is made fresh with double zero flour and pure spring water for a perfectly crisp texture
Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap

Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap

Neapolitan pizzas are the star of the show at Lena’s, where pizza dough is made fresh with double zero flour and pure spring water for a perfectly crisp texture. While the housemade pastas are outstanding, the pizzas are not to be missed, especially the decidedly non-Italian Maui Sunset, Lena’s take on a Hawaiian pizza. 

401 E Braddock Rd

Del Ray Pizzeria

Ideal for family, friends or anyone with a pizza hankering, Del Ray has an extensive menu that would take weeks to fully sample. Try the b.h.a.b.s., featuring Alfredo sauce, brie, bacon, spinach and hot honey. 

2218 Mt Vernon Ave

Catboat is a brand-new, waterfront restaurant serving pies from Sonny's, a Sicilian shop based in DC
Catboat is a new waterfront restaurant serving pies from Sonny’s, a Sicilian shop based in DC.
Catboat Pizza Bar

Catboat Pizza Bar

This newly opened restaurant on the Alexandria waterfront offers great bites and great views. The pizza comes from Sonny’s, a Sicilian shop making beautifully colorful and creative pies. Drinks come from the always vibey No Kisses, which makes for a great time outdoors. 

1 Marina Dr

Andy’s Pizza

Andy’s has come a long way since it opened its first location in Tyson’s back in 2018. Now, the New York-style shop has an impressive nine storefronts throughout the DMV, and one of its most beloved is in Old Town Alexandria. The menu is simple and straightforward, and the pizza dough is treated to a 72-hour cold ferment for a uniquely crispy yet soft texture. 

107 N Fayette St


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