There Are No Bad Pizza Toppings

DiGiorno is trying to divide the internet with a pickle and pineapple-topped pie, which begs the question: can you really go wrong when it comes to pizza?

digiorno pickle pineapple pizza
Delicious or disgusting — what's your take?
DiGiorno Pizza

Pineapple on pizza is one of the most hotly-debated food topics of our time. It even has our office divided — some are all about it (me included), and others think it’s an abomination to an already perfect dish. So when you take one controversial ingredient and add a second to the mix, it’s going to get people on both sides of the discussion fired up.

Maybe you’re privy to the #PicklePizza hashtag, which currently has more than 16 million views on TikTok. DiGiorno has certainly been watching because it  just announced a new pie that is topped with both pineapple and pickles. Honestly, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. According to Food & Wine, the pizza also features garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese in addition to sweet, tangy pineapple and sour, crunchy, umami-rich pickles. 

This is going to make a lot of people very upset, and it’s going to make the other half ask, “Is it lunchtime yet?” If you’re in the first group, then you probably won’t agree with this sentiment, but this new pineapple-pickle pizza makes us think there are really no bad pizza toppings. Really stop and think about it. Now, if you already consider a certain food or ingredient disgusting, it doesn’t count. And you can’t think about it willy-nilly, either — we’re not saying all potential pizza toppings will taste good together. Like a strawberry-pepperoni-olive mix sounds absolutely awful. But what about strawberries with grilled chicken and a touch of gorgonzola? Sounds like heaven! Honestly, there’s an ingredient that you think will be gross on pizza, give me five minutes (tops) and I’ll tell you how it could work.

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There’s no doubt that pickles are having a moment. Pickle juice is perfect post-workout fuel, the dill wonder is making its way into hot sauce, and even a French gin brand has infused one of their spirits with cornichons. I love them in peanut butter sandwiches, and they’re the stars of the Minnesota State Fair this year (pickle lemonade sounds absolutely divine). The next time I go out for pizza, I am absolutely asking if they can throw pickles on that baby.

Pineapple-pickle pizza is a pretty easy thing to order when you’re out, and you can certainly make it at home. But if you want to try DiGiorno’s version, they’re giving people a chance to snag one pie for free starting September 5 (the website isn’t live yet, so ignore the 404). Merch like pickleball paddles, bucket hats and shirts will also be available.

Have you thought of a bad pizza topping yet? I’m still waiting.


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