This Is Truly Elite-Level Home Coffee Preparation

Conceived in SF. Handmade in Seoul. And affordable.

April 14, 2017 9:00 am

Everybody wants the perfect cup of coffee.

But few people know how to make it better than Nicholas Cho, co-founder of Wrecking Ball

When he launches a jave-related product, we pay attention — which is why today, we bring news of his one crucial coffee-making implement. And it’s cheap: $40 for early-bird delivery

It’s called the December Dripper.

Pro-level drinkers, some details. Cho and his Seoul-based partner were inspired by flat-bottomed commercial brewers like the Kalita Wave (in fact, the December Dripper uses Kalita filters). But their dripper has something special: a flat bottom with a 12-hole variable aperture. This allows even mixing (of water and coffee) and control of the speed and flow rate. (This is also aided with the addition of a pouring kettle — not included, not required, but advised.) 

This is no coffee-category vaporware: it’s already in production and available commercially in South Korea, where each piece is individually handcrafted by metalworkers. 

Enthusiasts will find even more details here

Consider it a #holygrailkickstarter for 2017. 


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