Seeing Redd

By The Editors
May 28, 2013 9:00 am

Wine, with all its loamy dirt-speak and bloody merlots, has often been considered a man’s province.

If so, here’s the county seat: the Redd Collection, a cellar of leather chairs and flatscreens tucked between the Sony backlot and the bend in Culver City’s tech alley.

Redd’s run by one Michael Carpenter, a local bon vivant who builds custom cellars and, on occasion, provides vino to the Vatican.

In the front of the shop: a beastly outdoor pizza oven and a stately tasting bar.

In the back, a lounge decked out with leather rocking chairs and a couch-sized TV, plus a dining area for private events. You might call it a wine clubhouse.

Redd’s tight selection rotates often and always includes collectibles, like Screaming Eagle at $1,450 (normally $1,550) or Sine Qua Non’s The Monkey ($135).

They also stock plenty of modestly priced varietals from the U.S., Spain and France, plus a motley assortment of mislabeled bottles that’ve been reduced in price.

But they’re all good on the inside.

As will you be, after a visit.


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