The Eggman

By The Editors
August 12, 2013 9:00 am

For all their leafy, kale-colored boons, the farmers market and your local Whole Foods can be obnoxious, crowded scrums — and hell hath no fury like a hungry vegan. Especially in the parking lot.

Solution: get your groceries delivered. Method: Good Eggs.

Started in San Francisco and new to LA, Good Eggs lets you select from the best local producers (think porchetta from Bean & Thyme, olive bread from Doe and burrata from the Milk Man) to stock your pantry.

After a brief test stint delivering on the Eastside, Good Eggs now ferries groceries as far west as Century City.

They also make regular stops around town for pick-ups and product samplings.

And unlike other farm-to-table delivery services, Good Eggs doesn’t require that you purchase in bulk.

You can buy by the basket, carrot or bushel (an added plus for the bachelors among you).

Orders must be placed by Monday for Wednesday deliveries – just in time for the weekend.

Which, thanks to delivery, you now have time to enjoy.


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