NASA Called. They Want Their Speakers Back.

Bossa Sound: They look good. And sound even better.

July 26, 2017 9:00 am

There are a lot of wireless, all-in-one speakers on the market these days.

But none of them look and sound like the Bossa, a new company that’s making Hi-Fi speakers right here in L.A.

Their Moonraker series  is elegant enough to play centerpiece to your living room, but boisterous enough to cause its share of neighborhood disturbances.

They work with Spotify. They work with vinyl. And they get loud.

Housed in a polymer sphere that stands on three wooden legs made of either teak or ash, these speakers have bi-amplifiers with a max payload of 150-watts. The wifi uses app-X and AAC conversion to ensure the highest quality digital sound; you can also be pair the rig with your TV.

bossa (3 images)

Or you can go analog — our suggestion — by adding an RIAA pre-amp to one of the speakers (Rolls makes a great one). Connect the pre-amp to your record player and, voila, you’ve got that unmistakable vinyl sound.

As Patrick McGuire, a senior engineer at Bossa, explains: “It is commonplace for sound systems to convert analog audio to digital, then back to analog, degrading the sound quality. Moonraker’s pure analog signal chain ensures analog sources are heard exactly as mastered.”

Additionally, that spherical, retro-future design isn’t just easy on the eyes: it helps dampen reverberations and provide a fuller, richer sound.

Then, we wouldn’t fault you if you bought ‘em for the looks. Because damn.

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