APL Just Launched a Members-Only, Yearlong Beef Club

Your very own 50-lb. beef rib, good for as many visits as it t

December 11, 2018 9:00 am

Ever heard of the caveman diet? Or, in more common parlance, eating paleo? You eat only meat and veggies, like our paleolithic forebears did. Proponents say you’ll be healthier and have more energy.

Well this is that, taken to its Fred Flinstonian extreme by Chef Adam Perry Lang, whose eponymous Hollywood restaurant, APL, was just named among Robb Report’s 21 Best Steakhouses in America.

APL (3 images)

Images: Jakob Layman, Josh Tellas

Their latest offering? The APL Beef Club, a members-only program that will net you your very own 40- to 50-pound rib of bovine, which the restaurant will then lovingly tend to in their Dry Age Room for up to a year. Once the meat is matured to its proper flavor and funkiness, you can stop by the restaurant at your leisure to devour it — whether it takes you two sittings or 10.

The deal will set you back $1,800, and the restaurant advises that your cut should net you around 10-12 total portions.

Members can bring friends or attend solo — you’ll just need to give them 48 hours heads up so they can prep the beef to meet your needs, whether thick, thin or somewhere in between.

And don’t forget to grunt on the way out to show your appreciation.

Main image: Josh Tellas


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