Turn Your Home into a First-Class Hotel

Virgin Hotel’s most covetable items, now up for sale

By The Editors

Turn Your Home into a First-Class Hotel
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14 December 2015

Earlier this year, we spent 24 hours in the Virgin Hotel.

Now you too can indulge in the loony opulence of a Richard Branson fever dream — in your own living room.

We moodled. Rode in a Tesla. Raised our pinkies in the air and saluted the hospitality industry’s newly crowned king.

Introducing Virgin Hotels at Home, a new marketplace that offers all the covetable first-class trappings you’ll find in Virgin Hotel’s “chamber” rooms, online and selling now.

Anyone who’s jetsetted to the Virgin Hotel will tell ya: it’s all about the rooms (h/t Rockwell Group Europe).

Designed for the next-gen traveler. Upscale but never sterile. Modern and quirky.

Such is the Virgin way.

On top of our wish list is Virgin’s signature Lounge Bed. Meant for sleeping and sitting, the bed features a padded headboard and chaise lounge corner nook, which, you know, you’ll find a use for — whether it’s work or play.

Pair it the accompanying mattress. And Goose down pillows. And feather duvet.

Also on sale: Italian scooter desk chairs and all kinds of useful travel trinkets.

That is ... if you ever decide to leave the house.

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