Watches | October 14, 2020 11:04 am

Deal: If You Buy Any Watch During Timex’s Sale, Make It the Falcon Eye

Yes, quartz watches can be cool

Q Timex Falcon Eye watch
The Q Timex Falcon Eye deserves a spot in your collection (especially now that it's on sale).

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There are literally hundreds of men’s watches on sale at Timex during their “Prime Sale” (is that trademarked?), where you can get a discount of 25% off when you use code SAVEBIG at checkout. There are even plenty of watches with automatic movements on sale, if you’re a mechanical-only type of guy.

That said, the best watch of the entire sale features a humble quartz movement. The timepiece itself, however, is far from humble. We’re talking about the Q Timex Falcon Eye, one of the most striking releases from the brand’s line of ‘70s reissues — and the only one of the coveted Q Timex models that is included in the sale.

What’s so great about the Falcon Eye? Having personally worn it (and regrettably gifted it to someone else), I can say from experience that it hits a sweet spot on the wrist by pairing a smaller 38mm case size (well, smaller by today’s standards) with integrated lugs and a squared-off shape. But the color scheme is what really stands out here — the combo of blue and gold make this a fun but not goofy, and vibrant but not flashy option. In fact, I may just have to get another one for myself.