Vehicles | February 23, 2017 9:00 am

One of the First Ferraris Ever Built Needs a New Home. NBD.

In the beginning was the 166MM. Somehow, it's still standing.

This isn’t technically the first Ferrari. That honor goes to the 125 S, which brandished the first ever Prancing Horse in 1947. But to the dismay of everyone then and now, Enzo only made two, and they’re likely not up for grabs in this lifetime. So for practical and daydreaming purposes, this 166 is the next best thing, with just 39 examples produced in total.

Ferrari 166 (6 images)

The 1950 beauty is the 27th 166 MM to come off the line. Bearing chassis number 0058, the ride competed in two cross-country races before landing in the lap of Ferrari Club of America’s chief judge Ed Gilbertson, who took the Hans Tanner Trophy at Pebble Beach in ‘79, among other numerous Platinum awards, including at the Cavallino Classic and the Concorso Italiano.

“Beyond its provenance,” says the auctioneer, “0058 M’s extreme desirability lies in its incredible purity and authenticity.” She’s immaculate. And for $8-10M at the upcoming RM Sotheby’s auction at Amelia Island, the angel can be yours.