Vehicles | March 8, 2017 9:00 am

What Has 3 Wheels and Looks Like a Life-Sized Remote-Controlled Car? This Guy.

RC schmar-see, we're hitting the road.

From milk in bags to Nickelback, our neighbors to the north often like things a little differently than we do down in the US of A — and sometimes that extends to their vehicles as well.

Produced in Quebec, the street-legal T-REX is a three-wheeled creation that looks like a car, is classified as a motorcycle and runs on a six-cylinder engine from BMW that’s got 160 horses.

Weighing in at 1,160 pounds, the T-REX features a lean body made of composite materials and hi-tech alloys that contains a two-seat cockpit with ergonomic suspension-supported seats.

Thanks to its low center of gravity and custom aluminum alloy wheels, the T-REX can corner, accelerate and brake like a track car and features an electronically controlled torque delivery system that allows its driver to seamlessly switch between Rain, Road and Dynamic modes.

T-REX (4 images)

With a standard exhaust system with integrated catalytic converters that meets environmental standards, the autocycle can be upgraded with titanium and carbon fiber components that’ll keep it clean as a whistle but having it purring like a kitten.

Priced starting at $58k, the T-REX is available in 16 colors with a host of upgrade options.

Maybe you should test drive one, eh?