Layer Move

Our major complaint to airlines for years: instead of spending all of your money on sleeping cabins and airport terminal upgrades, make flying coach just 10% better.

Now, at the touch of a button, that might just happen.

Design studio Layer just released a prototype of a new economy class seat called Move. Designed for Airbus, Move uses smart textiles and sensors to improve your seating on short- and medium-range flights; the digitally knitted seat covers allow passengers to control seat tension, temperature, pressure and other ergonomic options with an app.

Move Layer

The seats feature different seating modes, including “massage,” “lunch” and “sleep.” As well, the tray table can be adjusted to different heights and armrests can be stowed away. And with all that new seating power, you no longer need (or will be able) to recline your seat.

Not only does the seat adapt to your preferences, Move is also lightweight: it’s a one-piece sling secured over a perforated composite frame. If anything, it’ll make planes lighter, theoretically reducing costs to the airlines (who will then never pass those savings along to you, sorry).

Now the caveat: while Layer claims they’ve put over 18 months of research into creating the updated seat, there’s no timetable for any airline to begin using the technology.

Write your local congressman. Or airline lobbyist. Or, I don’t know, tweet indignantly at United and Delta.

Here’s to a better flying future.

Photos: Layer