Travel | September 12, 2018 9:00 am

This Sailboat-Yacht Hybrid Is the Best Way to Island-Hop Indonesia

You won't find a boat like this in Carnival's fleet

The shame about cruises? Their main selling point — island hopping — is almost worth all the screaming children, buffet-style meals and nighttime mixers headed by DJ Partypants.

But the languid luxury of island hopping shouldn’t be a cinnamon bun in a pantry of stale English muffins. It ought to be part of a wholesome, uncommon, worth-every-damn-Benjamin vacation. 

Enter Prana, a superyacht by Ibizan higher-things outpost Azaró that patrols various island chains throughout the Indonesian archipelago, all while looking an absolute stunner. Blending local Pinisi shipbuildings methods (a UNESCO-recognized two-masted ship historically built by Indonesia’s Konjo tribe) with the finest yacht amenities seen in Ibiza’s party-happy waters, Azaró hath wrought one heck of a hybrid schooner. Think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Entourage

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On board you’ll find four large decks, well-appointed suites, dining options that won’t have you mumbling “This again” and a variety of opportunities for aquatic sports. Depending on your trip package, you’ll have a chance to spot Komodo dragons, go deep-sea diving, watch bats fly in front of a sunset or snorkel in the shadow of forest-draped volcanoes. 

Beats another conga line, that’s for sure.

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All images from Azaró