Style | July 14, 2016 9:00 am

With Its New Black Collection Louis Vuitton Goes Goth

The luxury brand dons a new look after 126 years

All black everything.

The sartorial mantra of a generation. Also now the mantra of Louis Vuitton, who this week drops the Monogram Eclipse collection, a blacked-out take on some of its most beloved goods.

As Business of Fashion points out, the Eclipse collection marks the first time the luxury label has donned a black logo in its 126-year history. The collection, helmed by LV artistic director and all-around powerhouse of handsome Kim Jones, features a contrast of grey and black shadow tones inspired by the black leather on the antique steamer trunks in the LV archives.

It debuted earlier this year at a show entitled Future Heritage, which is fitting, because there’s something distinctly modern going on here. Something minimalistic. Edgy but familiar. But let’s be real: it’s just cool to see a murdered-out LV logo for the first time. Trust those around you will feel the same.

The Monogram Eclipse collection will be available at Louis Vuitton on July 15th. Take a look at a few standout pieces below, and head on over to Louis Vuitton for more info.