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Every Levi’s Jeans Style Number Explained, From 501 to 569

Find out if you're a 501 kinda guy or a 513, or a...

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From 501 to 569, there are tons of Levi's jeans number styles. But what do they mean?

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Since the dawn of time, man’s ability to innovate has been nothing short of a miracle. Fire, the wheel, Coldstone Creamery. But one crowning achievement stands out among the rest: Levi Straus’ iconic San Francisco denim. Since the first pair of Levi’s iconic 501 was released way back in 1873, Levi’s quality has propelled the brand to become the most ubiquitous name in denim, and for good reason. The jeans are comfortable, rugged, economical and, with the 501 since joined by an abundance of styles and silhouettes, available for virtually everyone.

The only issue with Levi’s? While these myriad styles are each a success in their own right, they all bear a number in the 500s in place of a name — 513, 559, 505, the list goes on, which can make it tricky to decipher with Levi’s jeans number is right for you. And with even more silos continuously added to Levi’s lexicon, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep track of what type of fit each number corresponds with, even for the most denim-minded among us.

For exactly that reason, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find out just what those Levi’s jeans numbers mean and present them to you in an easily digestible guide, detailing the fit and cut of each to help you easily find the pair that’s right for you. From the OG 501 to the massive 569 and everything in between, we’ve covered them all… the only question left is which one is right for you. Below, every Levi’s jeans style number explained, from 501 to 569.

Levi’s Skinny Jean Style Numbers

Levi’s 510 Skinny Jean

510 Skinny

The fit: Slim through the hip and skinny through the leg, the 510 Skinny is for those who prefer their jeans on the form-fitting side and aren’t afraid to flaunt what they’ve got. The style features a hint of stretch to allow for increased movement and comfort, while still keeping the fabric close to the leg.

Levi’s Slim Jeans Style Numbers

Levi’s 511 Slim Jean

511 Slim

The fit: If you like the appearance of skinny jeans but can’t commit to the real deal, consider the 511 as a safe compromise. They’re cut with a slim thigh and straight leg so you’ll still get the sleek appearance of skinny jeans in a silhouette that’s a little less constricting.

Levi’s 513 Slim Straight Jean

513 Slim Straight

The fit: Slim is the name of the game for the 513, which features a slim thigh and straight leg. It sits slightly below the waist rather than directly on it, further lending a more casual vibe. If you need a go-to jean that’ll prove to be a chameleon in its ability to go with anything and everything, the 513 is your pair.

The Levi's 531 Athletic Slim jean is great for those with an athletic build looking for a comfortable jean in 2022
Levi’s 531 Athletic Slim

531 Athletic Slim

The fit: As the name would suggest, the 531 is ideal for those who have an athletic build and want a little extra room in the rear and thigh area. The jeans are also made with +Levi’s Flex, the brand’s stretch technology that allows for movement and increased comfort.

Levi’s Straight Jeans Style Numbers

Levi’s 501 Original

501 Original

The fit: The most iconic jeans to ever exist, the 501s have come to be known (and loved) for their straight fit and button-down fly. Made from 100% cotton, the jeans feature no stretch which adds to the classic appeal. If you’re looking to achieve that timeless vintage look, this style references the past in a way that’s reverent rather than dated.

Levi’s 501 ’93 Straight

501 ’93 Straight

The fit: Taking the 501 silhouette and giving it some slight tweaks, the 501 ’93 Straight is for those who want to throw it back to the ’90s. Keeping the similar straight look of the 501, the 501 ’93 is designed with a roomier fit in the thigh and leg that more directly gleans inspiration from the past. If you can’t seem to let the ’90s go, you can at the very least relive them through your denim.

Levi’s 514 Slim Straight

514 Slim Straight

The fit: A classic, uncomplicated straight jean, the 514 is slim-fitting without veering too far into skinny jean territory and features a waistband that sits on the hips rather than the waist. Consider it the perfect pair of jeans for wanting to look put together and stylish yet slightly understated.

Levi’s 505 Regular

505 Regular

The fit: Probably the second most iconic pair of jeans from the brand, the straight leg of the 505 resembles the that of the 501, with a little extra room in the leg. They sit slightly lower on the waist than the 501s and opt for a zip-fly instead of button. It’s the ideal jean for the guy who just wants a straightforward pair that doesn’t require too much thought or effort.

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Levi’s 551Z Authentic Straight Jeans

551Z Authentic Straight

A relatively recent addition to Levi’s arsenal of straight-legged styles, the 551Z was specifically created with an “anti fit” — a slightly looser cut as opposed to its 501 and 505 cousins — and pay homage to the denim companies fit pre-shrunk series with stitching one inch away from the seams and a wider J-stitch at the fly. Basically, they’re the skate jeans of your dreams — loose enough to move with you and just snug enough that you won’t be tripping over yourself.

Levi’s Relaxed Jeans Style Numbers

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Levi’s 550 Relaxed Fit Jeans

550 Relaxed

The fit: Relaxed jeans have become all the rage recently, surplanting skinny as the domminant jean style and generally decreasing the amount if thigh chaffing for fellas, much to their relief. The 550’s are impossibly easy to wear, mostly on account of the fact that thier straight (but not oversized) cut makes it perfectly acceptable to pair them with everything from tees to ties.

a model in a pair of Levi's jeans on a white background
Levi’s 559 Relaxed Straight Fit Jeans

559 Relaxed Straight

The fit: Was the term daily driver created specfically to describe the everyday curb appeal of Levi’s 559 Relaxed Straight Jeans? Jury’s out on that one, but it’s apparent that the style works great for everything from errands to date night, with a straight leg and a little extra room across the seat and thighs.

a model in a pair of Levi's jeans on a white background
Levi’s 569 Loose Straight Fit Jeans

569 Loose Straight

The fit:: If you wish your jeans fit more like sweatpants, or are fond of the ’90s, then you’ll probably enjoy the massive fit of the Levi’s 569 Loose Straight Jeans. Sitting low on your waste without being what we’d label “baggy”, they’re an easy pair to kick around in.

Levi’s Taper Jean Numbers

Levi’s 512 Taper

512 Taper

The fit: If you like the fit of the 511 Slim but would prefer an even narrower leg, look no further than the 512. Sitting below the waist, the sleek silhouette of the 512s lends them a tailored look.

Levi’s 502 Taper

502 Taper

The fit: The 502 Taper offers more of a regular fit through the seat and thigh as opposed to the slimmer cut of the 512, but it still narrows at the ankle.

Levi’s 541 Athletic Taper

541 Athletic Taper

The fit: Maybe you’re working with a little extra junk in the trunk (nothing wrong with that) but still desire a slim jean that will work with your muscular or thicc build. Before you give up all hope, the 541 Athletic Taper is designed with your build in mind, meaning you still get the comfort of extra room in the seat and thigh, without having to sacrifice the slimmer silhouette.

Levi’s Bootcut Jeans Numbers:

a model in a pair of Levi's jeans on a white background
Levi’s 517 Bootcut Jeans

517 Bootcut

The fit: Yes, bootcut jeans do still exist: as menswear bros will be quick to point out, platforms like TikTok and Instagram have revitalized the style, making the once-billowy denim a must-have for stylish dudes everywhere. While we’re not exactly sold, we do appreciate the utility of the wider leg opening and the flattering slim cut through the waist and thigh.

Levi’s 527 Slim Bootcut

527 Slim Bootcut

The fit: The 527 Slim Bootcut is slimmer in the seat and thigh (as the name would suggest) but it also ever-so-slightly opens up to a wider leg at the ankle, without being too dramatic or resembling bell bottoms. So go ahead and pull on those cowboy boots and get to giddy-uppin.