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10 Fall Jacket Styles You Need in Your Closet in 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Best Fall Jackets for Men 2020

This article is part of our Fall Style Guide, a fortnight-long series aimed at helping you figure out how to dress for the coming season, which, as we’ve become accustomed to saying, is going to be quite like any that came before it. At least you’ll look good, though, right?

Ok, so you probably don’t need all ten of these types of jackets in your closet at any one time in your life. Rather, these are the ten types of jackets the universe has provided as the palette from which you are working when assembling your own fall wardrobe.

The fact remains, though, that fall is an exciting time to wear jackets, if only by virtue of the fact that it’s been so long since you’ve worn one. So if you do decide to indulge in all ten of these, we certainly won’t blame you.

We’ve taken the liberty of choosing a standout example of each style, but stay tuned over the next couple weeks, when we’ll be delving a little deeper into each.

The Chore Coat

If there was an official garment of InsideHook, it would without question be the humble Chore Coat. It can be dressed up or down, it’s durable, it’s got lots of pockets, and it nods to workwear without making you look like some weird fetishist. This version from Madewell fits the bill perfectly, and we’re fond of the color, which is somewhat unusual for the style. If you guys have been sleeping on Madewell, this is your weekly reminder that you’re messing up.

best shackets for men

The Shacket

Ah, the shacket. Also known as CPO shirts, an overshirts or shirt jackets, these guys are fall all-stars because of their versatility. They work perfectly over a t-shirt on those days when it’s still on the warmer side; they look great over another button-down, and they’ll even come in handy over the winter layered under a heavier coat. Todd Snyder’s interpretation is, unsurprisingly, spot-on.

The Barn Coat

The barn coat is a close relative of the chore coat, but it’s a little longer, generally has a corduroy collar and … is generally rocked by awesome dads in the suburbs. Or just anyone who’s confident in the knowledge that it’s a classic, and thus fair game for anyone. If you’re gonna get a barn coat, you get the Land’s End Barn Coat because, again, classic.

The Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are extremely personal, with so many variations in texture, length and overall style, not to mention price points. If you’ve been wanting to invest in one, there’s no better time than fall, and there’s maybe no better deal than this 100% sheep leather bomber from Coach, which is currently 60% off.

The Running Jacket

Is there anything better than fall running? Hitting the streets or the trail early in the morning on that first day when a single layer won’t quite cut it? We think not. And we don’t think there’s a better option for such a scenario than lululemon’s packable Warp Lite jacket, with its breathable mesh back and ample storage for your phone, keys and all that.

The Sportcoat

In the event you find yourself returning to work in an office, you’ll want to have an appropriate blazer or sportcoat handy. We’re into this corduroy blazer from Alex Mill. The silhouette reads as professional while the rugged corduroy lends it a casual feel that allows it to work just as well with jeans as something a little more dressed up.

The Denim Jacket

We’re not exactly telling you anything you don’t know here, but you obviously need a denim jacket in your rotation. They immediately make you cooler and more sexually attractive, after all. This version from Bonobos ticks all the necessary boxes while adding a bit of stretch for some added comfort.

The Trucker Jacket

Like the denim jacket above, but made from a fabric other than denim. In the case of the mighty Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker from Flint and Tinder, you get some extremely hard-wearing waxed cotton that will soften with age and look better and better with each passing season.

The Quilted Jacket

Another slightly dressiser option here, but in the coziest way possible. Like being wrapped in, you know, a quilt. Yes, the style is favored by midtown Manhattan finance types, and if that’s you, cool. But if not, know that you can rock it with jeans or some nice 5-pocket corduroys and your most rugged boots, and it’ll still hold up quite nicely. The Sussex jacket from J.Crew does a great job modernizing the style with a corduroy-lined mock-neck collar and a slim fit.

The Bomber Jacket

Rich in military history and having been a staple in punk culture for years, the bomber jacket exploded back onto the scene a few years ago, and it shows no sign of going away any time soon. Another hugely versatile option, Everlane’s version not only comes in unexpected colors like this very sharp dark slate, but it also comes in well under $100.

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