Shoes | February 6, 2019 9:00 am

We Kinda Love These New ‘Game of Thrones’ Adidas Sneaks

Jon Snow could use some Hyperboosts

Product collabs with fantasy TV shows and movies too often look like they belong in the Comic Book Guy’s apartment. Think faux swords, board-game spinoffs and T-shirts emblazoned with Elvish buzzwords. Game of Thrones, though, has managed to buck that trend on numerous occasions, having co-branded a line of excellent beers with Ommegang and, more recently, eight bottles of single-malt whisky in partnership with Drizly.

Their latest foray into branded (and cool, relatively speaking) products? A series of Game of Thrones Adidas Ultraboosts, each repping a House or group from the show. 

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It’s crazy how long this show has been off the air. Season 7’s finale was August 27, 2017, when LeBron was still a Cavalier, Matt Lauer had a job and no one had ever heard of that yodeling kid. Thrones finally returns April 14 for a six-episode season of mini movies, essentially (each will be over an hour), and that’s part of the reason these kicks, slated to drop in the spring, work so well. Those GoT ice hotels last year were great, but they just reminded us how long we had to wait for the real thing. 

These shoes arrive at the perfect time, and leverage the Thrones theme just enough. They wouldn’t look out of place on the street or sidewalk, but will definitely fetch compliments/grins upon closer inspection. Each model has its own decals in favor of a group vying for the Iron Throne. Clockwise, from top right: Targaryen Dragons, White Walkers, House Lannister, House Stark, Night’s Watch, House Targaryen. For our money (and it could be a healthy sum, Hyperboosts normally run $180 a pair), the Night’s Watch edition is the coolest. 

If only Jon Snow had some ‘boosts of his own to pair with all that dragonglass he’s been collecting, the white walkers wouldn’t stand a chance. 

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