News & Opinion | August 17, 2017 9:50 am

Fox News Can’t Get a Republican to Defend Trump’s Charlottesville Comments

Fox News and MSNBC could not book any GOP members to come on their shows.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith wanted to find a Republican to come on air and defend President Donald Trump’s remarks made during an impromptu news conference on Tuesday. None would come on.

Smith said that his booking team reached out to “Republicans of all stripes, across the country,” according to TV Newser. They worked very hard all day but were not successful in getting someone to come on and defend Trump.

Meanwhile, Chuck Todd from MSNBC faced a similar problem for their show. Todd said that his team spent much of the day trying to find a GOP member to come on, but they were also unsuccessful.

“We invited every single Republican senator on this program tonight. All fifty-two. We asked roughly a dozen House Republicans, including a bunch of committee chairs, and we asked roughly a half-dozen former Republican elected officials,” said Todd, according to TV Newser. “None of them agreed to discuss this issue with us today.”