New York | July 13, 2017 9:00 am

One of Savile Row’s Premier Suitsmiths Sets Up Shop in NYC

Suit up, fellas

New York is known for many things.

Pizza. The $22 martini. Complaining (rightfully) about the subway.

But when it comes to suiting, no one holds a candle to London’s Savile Row.

Before you go booking a flight, we’ve got news: 167-year-old English tailor Huntsman & Sons just opened their first bespoke shop outside of London right here, in Manhattan.

Even cooler? They’re doing it in Tony Bennett’s old pad.

It’s true: the legendary crooner’s apartment on West 57th is now Huntsman’s permanent NYC pied-a-terre, a balanced, contemporary-meets-classic space complete with a dedicated cutting room, a private fitting room and a vast lounge that also serves as a fabric library.

Huntsman (8 images)

Appointments include but are not limited to: an 18th-century bookshelf from a British castle, a 1933 Betty Joel walnut art deco desk, a vintage Ado Chale table, two 1930s mahogany steamer trunk wardrobes and an original Andy Warhol.

But you’re here for new duds — and whatever your needs, you’ll find them.

First, you’ll need to book an appointment with veteran menswear executive Ed Turco, formerly of the distinguished Loro Piana. He’ll get you straightened out with the right cut, fabric and adornments. From there, full-time in-house cutter Ralph Fitzgerald will snip away, building you a suit from the ground up in just eight weeks time start to finish. Fair game for excellence. 

Then you go back in for a second fitting and adjustments.

And before you know it, you’re the best-dressed guy in the office.

Not a shabby way to spend an afternoon.