Music | July 8, 2017 5:00 am

This Deaf Musician Created an Innovative Way for People to Connect with Music

He designed a homemade digital audio system that pulses with color based on musical chords.

Myles de Bastion was frustrated that as a deaf man, he was not connecting with music like he wanted to. So he created an Audiolux visualization system.

Combining his interest with sound, visual arts and technology, de Bastion was able to create a system that can share music with all audiences. His fascination with music began when he was a child. de Bastion remembers sitting on his grandfather’s knee and feeling the vibrations of the guitar as his grandfather played.

The musician wants to continue bringing together the Deaf and hearing communities through music and art so that all experiences are acknowledged and utilized. He also wants people to know that it is possible to integrate Deaf culture and their values and experiences into music and art.