Menswear | April 7, 2019 5:00 am

This Company Solved No-Iron Dress Shirts, and Affordably

It’s just $55 for eco-friendly, wrinkle-free tops.

Dress shirt options, comfy and affordable. )Twillory)
Dress shirt options, comfy and affordable. )Twillory)

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My life in dress shirts is often an uncomfortable and sweaty affair.

Plus, these white collar staples require more care and upkeep (and money) than the clothing that actually makes me feel human.

So credit Twillory for giving me affordably comfy dress-up options.

The biggest selling point of this upstart menswear brand— besides price — is their no-iron shirts, which utilize an environmentally safe process called SafeCotton to keep their dress shirts wrinkle free (most other brands use toxic substances).

Plus, most of their shirts offer both traditional and tailored fits, and each purchase comes with a pair of brushed nickel collar stays.

Twillory’s best deal is four shirts for $55 each (as opposed to one for $99) and the brand offers four fairly self-explanatory categories of tops, so we’ve chosen four standouts, one for each style.

Your non-iron shirt: Orange/Blue SafeCotton


Your biz-casual shirt: Untuck(able() Blue Oxford


Your biking-to-work shirt: Biker Performance Check


Your polo built like a dress shirt: Friday Shirt



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Photos: Twillory

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