Los Angeles | October 23, 2017 9:00 am

Five Easy Pieces: Double Eleven

One casual look to help you calmly carry on

We have always lived in a world of conflict.

But those conflicts have lead to many innovations from the leather bomber jacket to the streamlining of manufacturing, as was the case in England during World War II.

“The government had to find a way to manufacture clothes for the population while at war,” says Nathan Bogle, co-founder of Rag and Bone. That’s where CC41 came in, a trade standard that ensured that civilian clothes were made economically and distributed equitably.

After the war they still needed to ration clothes, but could improve the quality while not sacrificing the utility. That was called Double 11.”

He dubbed his new line of menswear Double Eleven as it recalls those minimalistic principles. “It’s an interesting parallel to today, using dead stock to make simple clothes,” he says.

So we tapped him to come up with Five Easy Piece that’ll help you keep calm and carry on.

The Denim by Double Eleven
“We found this deadstock at Denim North America in North Carolina,” he says. “It’s a wearable color that everyone likes, and it doesn’t fade. It’s U.S. denim and U.S. made. The fabric already had a 2% stretch sewn in so it snaps back to its original shape. Whenever I go on my scavenger hunts, I look for that.”


The Canvas Shacket by Double Eleven
“I’ve always loved the French utility chore coat,” he says. “This one is made with U.S. military cotton twill from the 1970s, before they changed it to camo. It’s a great all around piece that you can wear year ‘round in Los Angeles.”


Plant Dyed Indigo Tee by Double Eleven
It’s an organic cotton that we could here,” he says. “It’s been hand-dyed four times to keep it completely natural and to maintain the complexity of the color and texture. Petroleium-based dyes defeat the purpose of an organic cotton. This is 5oz jersey, which will soften with each wash and fit you better each time. It’s a very labor-intensive, laborious process, but I love it.”


The Rounded Sunnies by Warby Parker
“I tend to buy a lot of square-shaped glasses, so I like that the shape of these sunglasses is rounded. They’re polarized, too — just great glass. And Warby Parker will always handle the repairs. They’re a great company with a great value product.”


The White Sneakers by Converse
“I wear them all of the time — it’s a uniform piece for me. They don’t have the durability of a shoe made in Italy, but the price is good. And I can customize them when I get bored, though I don’t do anything crazy.”