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How to Make a 3-D Pop-Up Book: Augmented Reality Edition

Reality check courtesy of London’s Convivial Studios

By The Editors

The 1960s showed us reality can be altered.

The 1990s taught us it can bite.

And now, thanks to some designers at creative studio Convivial, we’re learning reality can be augmented.

The London-based group has built an augmented reality book containing 3-D elements that jump off the page without the use of VR goggles, cardboard viewers or digital screens. The colorful images rotate, change shape and create shadows and can be seen with the naked eye.

Stop for a moment and think of the implications. The ability to create 3-D elements that can be viewed without glasses is but another step closer to applying AR to our everyday lives.

The team used a projector, a Kinect 360 and video mapping and tracking software to complete the digital-free AR experience. “We always thought augmented reality to be a great technology however it is always required to experience it while looking through a device,” according to Convivial. “We wanted to try to use it in combination with projection-mapping to create a seamless and magical experience.”

Tech-savvy tinkerers who might want to build the augmented book should check out Convivial’s DIY tutorial.