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Deal: Now’s Your Chance to Get $150 Off Faribault’s Gigantic Cabin Blanket

A king-size merino wool blanket with a patriotic story to boot

The King-Size Cabin Wool Blanket from Faribault Woolen Mill Co. in Minnesota. Get the American-made blanket on sale now.
You can't go wrong with these classic colors, so you might just have to get all three.
Faribault Woolen Mill

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We’re big fans of Faribault Woolen Mill Co., not just because they’re one of the last vertically integrated woolen mills in the country, and not just because their 150-plus-year history of American manufacturing includes making blankets for both World Wars and at least five devastating fires, but because their blankets and other goods live up to all that heritage. 

Case in point: The King-Size Cabin Wool Blanket, which is currently on sale for just about $150 off in three different colors. It’s the super sized version of their classic Cabin Throw, also made from virgin merino wool, and it’s being discounted by 25% to make way for new fall inventory coming soon. 

In other words, whether you need something to spruce up your actual cabin this season, or simply want to bring the secluded cabin vibes to your own home, now’s the time to score a huge discount on an American-made blanket you’ll be able to pass along to the next generation, with a good story to boot.