Home & Design | December 5, 2016 9:00 am

This Stove-Heated 11-lb. Tipi Is the Ultimate Winter Tent

"WTF didn't we have these?" – The cast of The Revenant

No one likes being cold. 

Even in the middle of pristine American wilderness. 

One minute it’s merely chilly. The next you’re bundled up like Leo in The Revenant.

So, let us introduce the Seek Outside Hot Tent, made for outdoor adventures in cold climes. 

As road-tested in Salmon-Challis National Forest in Idaho, this floorless tipi is like a little apartment you can carry on your back. 

With the help of some friends: The tested model, for eight people and with a height clearance of an impressive 8.5 feet, weighs just over 11 pounds, including the heating unit. Swapping out the standard aluminum center pole/chimney for a carbon fiber version will save another 12 ounces. The floorless design means you can get inside without removing your boots, as well as providing a dry spot for the wood you’ll be shoveling into your titanium stove. At night, it’ll heat the space for another 45 minutes before everything cools down. 

If you’re wondering where your $1,500 is going to, consider the “sod skirt,” which will help eliminate drafts after you tuck it under some snow (or, indeed, some sod.) Interior loops facilitate an extra round of staking, for additional stability. And Seek Outside has been Making America Great for years, given their commitment to designing and manufacturing in the USA. That bumps up the cost a little but saves American jobs. We vote Yes. 

Now that you know a warm night’s sleep is easy to find, even in frigid temperatures: Where would you like to go?