This Modular Housing Startup Lets You Add Rooms as Your Family (or Income) Grows

Whether you’ve experienced the process firsthand or are an HGTV junkie, it’s common knowledge that adding space to your home is a pain in the neck (not to mention the back, head and bank account). So after a few kids, or a few salary increases, buying a new, larger home is seen as the path of least resistance.

Module, a Pittsburgh-based startup, wants to change that — or at least offer another option, with a line of modular prefab homes that grow with you.

Obviously, this isn’t an altogether new invention, as modular homes can currently be had in many forms, from earthquake-resistant A-frames to panoramic shells. But Module differs by offering a simple turnkey service that includes design, finding a plot, getting permits, construction and eventually “allowing a single room to turn into a mansion with a few turns of a wrench,” as TechCrunch writes.

Currently, Module has four home designs a buyer can start from. The smallest is the Nook, a one bedroom, one bath, one floor base model that covers just 640-square-feet and starts at $149K, though that doesn’t include the foundation, permits or site work. The other three models include the two-story Haven and Moonlighter, and the three-story Duo (which starts at $290K).

“The company has raised $1.2 million so far and they have prototype houses in Pittsburgh,” writes TechCrunch. “They already have orders and they’ve created a Tesla-like reservation system for the folks who want to try out their product.” If interested, you can make a fully refundable reservation here.

But before you lay down any cash, wait to see how the first few houses go. A brave soul has already signed on for Module numero uno, so keep an eye out for a video tour.

Main image via Module