Home & Design | December 7, 2016 9:00 am

This Office on Wheels Is Cheaper Than Your Co-Working Space

You will need a driver's license to move it, however

Let’s face it — offices are the worst. 

Someone’s always complaining (guilty as charged). Someone’s always sick, and congratulating themselves for coming in despite being a walking, talking petri dish of flu germs. 

Wouldn’t it be nicer to set up shop all on your own?  With the added bonus of wheels — meaning you can move your business south for the winter, just like the geese? 

And — perhaps most surprisingly — at a price less than what you’d pay for a co-working space in a big-city building? 

That’s what’s on offer from Minim, who will supply you, on lease, “a tiny office on wheels” for $675 a month — considerably less, notes Inhabitat, than the cost of a WeWork space in D.C., where Minim’s rolling offices are available. (The site also points out that leasing, rather than buying, can make your end-of-year accounting more straightforward.) 

For another $250 a month, you can graduate to a fully off-grid model, with solar panels, batteries and inverters. 

And you can just roll away, whenever you like. No complaining. No germs. 

Orders underway, for delivery in March 2017.