Take a Walk on the Casual Side: The Best Unstructured Blazers for Men This Fall

Equal parts sophisticated and slouchy

Updated October 31, 2023 12:18 pm
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Unstructured blazers are the new benchmark for suiting.
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No one wants to wear suits anymore. But also, everyone wants to wear suits. It’s a weird little conundrum we’ve found ourselves in; with the workplace, and indeed, the world as a whole, subscribing to an increasingly casual dress code, there’s less reason than ever to hit up your local tailor for a little peak-lapeled something-something. And yet many — us included — have been prophesizing a return to suiting, a trend we’re seeing playing out in real-time with a slew of the of the best blazers for men we’ve ever seen cropping out across runways, TikTok and the odd J.Crew lookbook.

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So what gives? Is the suit jacket — and we’re talking the best of the best blazers for men — feasible, cool even, in 2023, or did we just collectively watch one too many Wes Anderson flicks over the pandemic? We’ve got the definitive answer for you right here, buddy, packed down neatly into our L.L. Bean bote and tote. And his name is unstructured blazer.

The Best Blazers for Men This Fall

What is an Unstructured Blazer?

Unlike the football-padded two-piece that you may or may not have worn to your prom, unstructured blazers offer a fit free of canvassing, padding or other shape-informing components commonly seen on a traditional jacket. With roots in American Ivy sporting and championed by tailors like Giorgio Armani in the ’70s, the unstructured blazer has seen a rise in popularity over the past 50 years for a more relaxed fit and casual flair than it’s “hard” counterparts.

How to Wear an Unstructured Blazer

While a proper Mad Men-style jacket might seem like a relic of an office-core era gone by, where pinstripes and cognac, not WeWork hats and Nature Valley granola bars, were king, the best unstructured blazers put the typical finance-bro fleece vests to shame. They play exceptionally nicely with oxfords or even a classic t-shirt, and make for a look that’ll also work when the end-of-day bell tolls bar o’clock. Plus, it’s the perfect light layer for fall, the official season for flexy and (much more importantly) comfy clothes.

To help you look your best this fall — and to prevent #menswear 2.0 — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight some of the best blazers for men to rock this fall, with all the slouchy sophistication and none of the annoying hassle of a typical suit jacket. These jackets, from entry-level Uniqlo looks to Italian masterpieces (we are not talking about Botticelli) should get you through work, or just back into a dressed-up-and-ready-to-go mindset. Below, the best unstructured blazers to live in this fall.

The Best Blazers for Men This Fall

Sizes: XXS-3XL | Fit: slim fit | Materials: 100% polyester

Leave it to Uniqlo to make a killer slim-fit blazer that’s light as air and costs well under $100. It’s an intro pick, for sure, but one that we’re happy to wear on the regular.

Sizes: XS-XXL | Fit: regular fit | Materials: 100% cotton

Alex Mill is known for their modern, rugged takes on timeless menswear, and their rendition of a corduroy blazer is no different. Drenched in durable, deep chocolate and fully embracing the best of Americana, this rugged cord blazer is the perfect office coat for fall.

Sizes: XS-XXL | Fit: regular fit | Materials: 94% cotton, 6% elastane

If you’re searching for a smart blazer that won’t break the bank and is packed to the gills with performance features, look no further than Everlane’s Chino Blazer. A cotton-elastane blend that’s sweat-wicking and quick-drying, it’s the 4-way stretch that really does it for us. And will do it for you, after your fourth meeting of the day.

Sizes: IT 48-54 | Fit: regular fit | Materials: 100% cotton

Think of Sid Mashburn’s 2-button Butcher Blazer not as a stuffy blazer, but as a particularly lavish chore coat. After all, it’s made from a similar cotton-twill and features a beautiful garment-dyed olive color you normally only get with primo workwear. Of course, this one you can wear to the office, too.

Sizes: S-XL | Fit: tailored fit | Materials: 81% wool, 19% nylon

We’re pretty sure we saw this one in Take Ivy. Neatly tailored to read both slouchy and refined, this wool-blend beast from Yasuharu Kuzaki’s Aton is just the update that the navy blazer so desperately needed. Just be careful — wear it too much any you might get confused as one of the Winklevoss twins.

Sizes: S-XL | Fit: relaxed fit | Materials: 100% wool

If Karu Research isn’t already on your radar on menswear labels to watch, here’s the skinny: limited runs, artisan makers and some of the sickest jawns this side of the globe. Their take on an unstructured jacket is no diffrent — embroidered with yarn columns to create a unique pinstriped effect, it’s the relaxed, slightly-cropped, one-button blazer of your wildest dreams.

Sizes: US 36-44 | Fit: tailored fit | Materials: 80% wool, 20% nylon

For some offices, a semi-causal blazer is perfectly appropriate, and this Flint and Tinder hybrid jacket toes that line perfectly. Inspired by military utilitarianism and prioritizing rugged functionality, the Pack Blazer is as versatile as it is good-looking.

Sizes: IT 46-58 | Fit: tailored fit | Materials: 100% virgin wool

Bonus burning a hole in your pocket? Credit card itching to be swiped? Nothing will squash that big-ticket bug like a virgin wool blazer from sartorial guru Brunello Cucinelli. A premium product for a premium price, this blazer is the pinnacle of timeless style.

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