Home & Design | October 12, 2016 9:00 am

This Is Like a Tent, But Gale-Force-Wind-Proofier

Also: flat-packable. Chicks dig flat-packables.

Since being founded in 2002, bespoke design company Duffy London has shown a willingness to build outside the box with an array of progressive, eco-friendly furniture and vehicles.

With their latest design, Duffy have demonstrated that they can build inside the box as well — a flat-packed one.

A multi-use portable dwelling that ships in a flat-pack container and can be assembled in less than an hour using only a screwdriver, the Duffy Shelter can be used for glamping trips, relief missions and everything in between.

With a solid roof insulated with fabric, raised legs to protect from groundwater and a storage shelf, the Duffy Shelter is designed for compactness and 35 of ‘em can fit in a standard van. Six feet tall and 4.5 feet wide, the bespoke-finished shelters are made from wood that was taken from Forestry Stewardship Council managed forests and other ethically sourced materials.

Even better, although Duffy does not supply the Shelter as a trailer version, it can easily be converted into a towable trailer as well as outfitted with electronics and lights after purchase.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but hopefully it happens before the pound stops falling.