Home & Design | September 1, 2020 11:38 am

14 Space-Saving Items to Optimize Your WFH Corner

Live in a shoebox? No problem.

14 Space-Saving Items to Optimize Your WFH Corner

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This story is part of our Fall Refresh Guide, a weeklong series where we’ll be looking at the products that will help us make the most of yet another season stuck at home. Think of it like Back-to-School content for adults. But during a pandemic.

If you’re a WFH veteran, you probably already had a nice, spacious home office set up prior to the pandemic. But if you were one of the many scrambling for office space in your tiny home/shoe-box sized apartment when you got the call that you’d be barred from your office for an undetermined amount of time, you might still be working from your couch or kitchen counter.

As we come to terms with the fact that we’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future, and for some, forever, it’s time to build a workspace you can feel settled in. But we know that’s difficult when you’re pressed for space. So below we’ve highlighted a few products — from floating and ladder desks to space-saving organizers, sleek file cabinets, desk chairs, shelves and more — that’ll help you optimize whatever space you’ve got.

Floating Beech Desk

If you’re looking to optimize space and you trust yourself with a drill, floating desks are a great option. This particular floating desk from Etsy shop Urbansize is a great choice. It’s made with 100% beech wood and features two spacious drawers. Or if you need something even more compact, this minimal floating desk is made from reclaimed Pinewood and is sure to look good wherever you can fit it.

OROPY Vintage Printer Stand

Finding a spot to put your bulky printer is tough regardless of how much space you have, but it’s clearly even more of a pain when your office space is basically a shoebox. That doesn’t mean you have to just throw it on the floor underneath your desk. Instead, you can set it on top of this rustic-looking wooden printer stand and then throw it under your desk. Plus the additional rack adds some extra organizational space.

Ergonomic Chair

We’d argue the one thing you should try to make room for is a spine-supporting office chair since you’re spending the majority of your days in one. But we know ergonomic chairs can be monstrosities, so we tried to comb the internet for a Skinny Legend, and we think we found her. Designed in Italy, the Ergonomic Chair from modern office furniture brand Branch features seven points of adjustment and a range of ergonomic support for every kind of person. It’s clean, it’s breathable and it only takes 20 minutes to assemble.

Yamazaki Home Tower Desk Bar

Yamazaki designs household items with space-saving and simplicity in mind, and it’s evident in this sleek tower desk bar. Made of steel and wood, this organizer can hold pencils, rulers, paper clips, your glasses, phone, keys and even your watch without taking up desk space. And it looks pretty damn handsome while doing it.

Grovemade Laptop Lift (Dark Grey)

Crafted with premium German merino wool felt and vegetable-tanned leather, this Laptop Lift from Grovemade is a seamless way to help improve your terrible work posture. Designed so you can still type directly on your laptop, the Lift also aligns almost perfectly with the size of your computer so you’re not wasting any desk real estate.

Datzo Floating Desk

If you’re really pressed for space, consider a foldable floating desk. This option from Wayfair not only features a shelf for your laptop but multiple inner shelves to neatly organize and store other items.

Courant CATCH:1

You don’t have to sacrifice that 100% battery for more space. The CATCH:1 mini wireless charger from Courant is made from high-quality Italian leather, charges devices with impressive speed and is so compact and sleek you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Nola Armchair in Light Steel

A minimal chair to match your minimal workspace. This stylish, Eames-inspired armchair from DTC furniture brand Inside Weather is sure to complement any space, especially since the densely woven 100% polyester upholstery is completely customizable.

TRU RED 5-Pocket Mesh Letter Wall File

Prevent your files, folders and papers from cluttering up your desk (or worse, your floor) and hang em’ on the wall. With 5-pockets, you can easily organize your files in this modern, super-compact wall file.

Zachary Ladder Desk

This slim, multifunctional ladder desk is a real space-saver and a chic, minimalist design piece. Available in Nutmeg and Oak, the desk features an additional two shelves for added space, and the best part is, when you eventually (er, hopefully) go back to the office, you can turn this piece into a practical bookshelf.

Minimalist Trinket Dish

Maybe you don’t need tons of desk organizers. Like a true minimalist, perhaps you only own a pencil, a few tacks and a handful of paper clips. Well, you still need somewhere to put them, and these tiny, uniquely shaped trinket dishes will bring your office space a well-needed bit of fun while keeping you organized.

Poppin White Slim Stow 3-Drawer Locking File Cabinet

Did you look at the above wall file organizer and laugh because you are single-handedly deforesting our planet with the amount of paper you need to have? Well, there’s good news (for you, not the planet) because you can actually fit a file cabinet in your tiny space. This Slim Stow File Cabinet from Poppin features three drawers — one for your folders and two smaller catch-alls — equipped with adjustable dividers to keep other work essentials neatly arranged.

Meriden Wall Shelf

If you’re looking for an easy way to expand the space on your desk, hanging a simple shelf above your workspace makes all the difference. And this accent shelf from All Modern is super sleek, easy to hang and offers three tiers of shelving, each of which boasts an impressive depth of six inches.

Grady Deluxe 24″ Desk Organizer Set

So you absolutely cannot bear to part with any of your desk accessories? No problem. This 24″ towering desk organizer sits vertically, saving space and keeping books, office supplies, mayb a tiny plant and more accessible and neatly displayed.