Health & Fitness | January 3, 2022 10:52 am

Our Preferred At-Home Workout System Is 20% Off in Time for Your New Year’s Resolutions

The Tempo Move isn't just perfect for your small space. It's also finally on sale.

The Tempo Move is perfect for at-home workouts around the house in 2022
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The at-home fitness market has exploded as a result of the pandemic. Fueled by our preference for working out from the comfort and safety of our homes, we saw rowers, bikes and digital gyms make their way into almost every dwelling over the past two years. And yet, for all the praise these systems receive, we continue to recognize two problems: at-home workout equipment is awkwardly large and undeniably expensive.

That’s where the Tempo Move comes into play. Unlike digital home gyms that require wall real estate, the Move hooks up to your TV and requires only an iPhone to get started. It doesn’t occupy space in your small apartment like a large rower might. And now that it’s marked down to $395, we consider it the best at-home gym system currently available for the price.

There are aspects of the Move system that remind us of a traditional gym. For instance, the setup comes with 50 pounds of smart weights and dumbbells that store in a small end table unit, and you can throw in Tempo’s yoga mat to improve comfort. But the entire system relies on a smart pod called the Core that connects to your iPhone and TV via HDMI. It uses 3D Tempo Vision to monitor your form through your phone’s front-facing camera before data is compared to thousands of hours of collected statistics to offer helpful feedback. Even the color-coded weights help the system identify how much you’re lifting to improve coaching.

The entire system costs well under $1,000 per year, and that includes the unit itself as well as the subscription service to thousands of live and on-demand classes. It’s sleek and smart, capable and compact, and it’s on sale in time for your New Year’s resolutions.